We’ll give your church $10,000 to change lives…


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is statistically the neediest place in North America The unemployment rate is 80% and 52 % of the people live below the poverty line. Life expectancy – 48 years for men, 52 for women – is the second-lowest in the western hemisphere, behind only Haiti. To top it off there is a housing Crisis!

Within a day’s drive of the Twin Cities or Denver, the culture is as different as any third world country on the planet. ServingChurch has partnered with the Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing Authority and has developed a plan to build hundreds of small home additions named “Little Dream Houses” by the native people of Pine Ridge. This will help alleviate the problem and bring a pride of ownership to a people who up until now have owned little more than a very difficult life! ServingChurch has the plans, the supervisory personnel, the place to host building teams and the people ready to receive a “Little Dream House.” You have people who need to take their faith outside of church. Together we can accomplish great things for the people of Pine Ridge and the people of your church.

A short-term mission trip is not the be-all and end-all, but it can be the start of something revolutionary. Although no short-term mission experience is easy, we can help take some of the headache out of the hassle.

  • Groups of 10-18 Adults (No more than a 50% Teen/Adult ratio for this trip)
  • Weeks available: May 1st through October 1st
  • $395 per person includes lodging, meals & activities
  • $10,000 in building materials included for the first 10 groups who sign up
  • No building experience required
  • On-going relational opportunities available with Little Dream House recipients

Call us today at 612-724-4249 or email paul@servingchurch.org for more information!