Ministry Opportunities :: Little Dream House :: FAQs

I am interested in bringing a group to build a Little Dream House but have a lot of questions like, Really, in a week, we can build a home for a family?
That’s right, on a week-long mission trip to Pine Ridge we can lead your group in a life changing, Christ centered mission trip that results in a 12’x 20′ sustainable home being built. The Little Dream House was an idea dreamed up in partnership with Oglala Sioux tribal leaders to respond to the crisis of overcrowding on the Pine Ridge Reservation. We have created a building process, led by our staff that will enable your group to erect a Little Dream House no matter what skills you bring. But you are not building the home with just the resources of your group. The family who will be living in the home will be working alongside you…together you will build a Little Dream House.

OK, building a house no matter what the size is an expensive proposition. How can our group and church afford to build a Little Dream House?
Here’s the really cool thing, the cost of building the first 10 Little Dream Houses has been paid for by others who really love their Pine Ridge friends. Your group’s cost to come to Pine Ridge is just the cost of the mission trip which is $395 per person. (plus the cost of your transportation)

So, what does the $395 cover?
The trip fee covers the group’s housing in our bunkhouse, 3 hardy meals a day, construction leadership, devotional guides to enrich and process your experience, eye opening cultural experiences and of course, the materials to build a Little Dream House. A non-refundable deposit of $95 per person is required to register with the balance due two weeks prior to your trip.

Who can go on the Little Dream House Mission Trip?
Because of the nature of the trip, it is designed to be an adult experience. However, in some cases older teens can be allowed to participate. Any skill level is invited with a strong encouragement that your group might bring several experienced trades-type people.

How many from our church can come and is there a minimum number?
Our housing facility can bed up to 18 participants from your church. A minimum of 10 paid participants are required to book a mission week. Being the only group, you are guaranteed deep group bonding and a lifetime of memories serving others together.

When are the trips offered?
The Little Dream House Mission Trips start with groups arriving for an evening supper on Sunday evenings. After orientation and group training, home building begins on Monday mornings and continues through the week with departure Sunday morning.
Trips are offered beginning May 22, 2016 running weekly through October 1, 2016.

But what if God has moved our group to “pay it forward” so another group can have the same blessing we experienced in building a Little Dream House, How can we help?”
We’re glad you asked. There are several ways you can “pay it forward” by providing the resources to build another Little Dream House.
Is there another group in your church that you think needs to come to Pine Ridge to build a Little Dream House? The cost of materials to build a Little Dream House is about $10,000. Let us know that you would like to sponsor another group and we can make it happen!  There’s another way….

Maybe you would like to enter into a long term relationship with the people of Pine Ridge by sponsoring a Little Dream House build and 4-year follow-up ministry. Here’s how…. You and your group can commit to a Little Dream House Sponsorship by providing $200 per month for 48 months. Think of it…each member of your 10-member group providing $20 or more along with the $50 monthly family commitment can build another Little Dream House. That’s not all. Each month, you can have a chance to pray for the family and know that our staff will be present with the family helping them know the source behind this gift of love and service.

We’re chomping at the bit, how do we sign up our group?
Simply call us at (612) 875-7151 or contact us and we will get you all set up. We can hardly wait to serve you while you serve others.

We’re really interested but we have more questions, like, is this Little Dream House for real?
Yes, sometimes seeing is believing. We have a model in Minneapolis that you can schedule your own personal Parade of Little Dream House Tour to touch and feel and believe. Contact us! We’d love to show you what your group could build in a week!