Ministry Opportunities :: Little Dream House

little-dream-house-logo-webxIf you thought most Native Americans were living large on casino money, think again. With up to a dozen people from several generations living together in small worn down shacks on the Pine Ridge Reservation, there is a huge need for a creative plan to alleviate a desperate situation.

ServeVentures has designed a small home addition that would allow an expansion to be added to existing homes and give elderly family members and other family members some much needed additional space. We take care of the plans, permits and qualified personnel to supervise the construction and you add the people-power. A complete home addition can be built in a week for under $10,000.00. Funding for materials for the first few homes is currently available. Designed to be much more than a “one-up” event, ServingChurch staff with ministerial and Missions experience will ensure that these mini mission trips will help participants come back ready to serve with verve in their local churches and communities.